Katie G.


The McCoy House not only gave me a place to heal, it gave me my life back. In the 14 months I lived there, it became a home to me and a place I will always return to. I learned new things about myself as well as rediscovered pieces of myself that I had forgotten. I was so lost and so down, and truly learned to love myself while I was there. I had never had self-esteem and always wondered why life had to be so hard. At McCoy I learned that life is only hard if we do not trust God and ourselves. I will never forget the women there who helped me and will always come back to help others just the same. McCoy saved my life and gave me the safe space I needed to heal and thrive.

Laya W.

The McCoy House was a vital place for me and the beginning of my recovery. It gave me a safe place to learn about living sober. The accountability & responsibility the McCoy House taught me has carried me through my almost six years of recovery. The friends I made have and always will hold a special place in my heart. I was given hope, strength & courage at the McCoy House. I truly will never be able to repay The McCoy House for all it gave to me.
Diane A.​

The McCoy House has provided the continuity, fellowship, structure, and security  to make positive progress toward a life free of alcohol.  I was able to embrace the gentle lessons that I learned here and have a safe place to make my life choices.  I feel hope and joy again. I am learning who I am and I am beginning to enjoy my authentic self again.
Liz W.​
The McCoy House has given me a second chance at learning how to live life again. Living in such a beautiful, calm, and safe environment, along with women who hold the same ideals and priorities, has strengthened and encouraged me. It’s wonderful to be a part of the world today!
Miranda D.
The McCoy House showed me that living a sober life is fun and full of excitement.  l learned to enjoy the little things of life and finally be my authentic self again!  The art classes we had really helped me regain my confidence and let go of my identity in being "perfect". The McCoy House will always have a very special place in my heart and I don’t know where I would be today without it.
Kim M. 
There was support in every corner. They helped me get acclimated back into the real life but learning to have fun in life sober! While working some at the awesome thrift store, I threw myself into AA meetings as well as Al-Anon meetings. I can honestly tell you that I don’t think I would have five and a half years sober had it not been for the McCoy House and the other wonderful residents! Thank you McCoy House!!